Year-to-Date Standings

Year Long Statistics for Thoroughbred Owners in California

Standings from Monday Jan 1st, 2024 through Friday Apr 12th, 2024

OwnerStartsWNPLSWWN %StakesEarningsLeading EarnerTotal Earnings
Reddam Racing LLC65107915%1$151,820Stay and Scam$661,342
Hronis Racing LLC48117522%1$78,000Antifona (FR)$517,684
SF Racing LLC, Starlight Racing, Madaket Stables LLC, Stonestreet Stables LLC, B1434321%1$382,400Imagination$481,200
Nicholas B. Alexander3979317%1$96,500Rose Maddox$468,387
Waller, Eric M. and Waller, Sharon1100100%1$450,000Stronghold$450,000
SF Racing LLC, Starlight Racing, Madaket Stables LLC, Masterson, Robert E., Ston623133%1$293,800Newgate$395,400
Williams, Larry D. and Williams, Marianne57891314%1$110,000Grand Slam Smile$358,090
Michael Lund Petersen743057%2$180,000Kinza$335,000
C R K Stable LLC4241099%1$61,500Mc Vay$321,040
Harris Farms, Inc.76613137%0$60,700Scary Fast Ride$312,740
Legacy Ranch, Inc.1654231%0$81,740Two by Four$276,580
Bass II, Perry R. and Bass, Ramona S.1842322%1$101,900Goliad$260,920
Spendthrift Farm LLC822025%2$120,000Ruby Nell$239,500
Pamela C. Ziebarth320166%1$232,200Sweet Azteca$232,200
Red Baron's Barn LLC and Rancho Temescal LLC1944621%0$41,400The Wild Grazer (IRE)$221,320
Pegram, Michael E., Watson, Karl and Weitman, Paul822225%0$100,000Wine Me Up$210,120
Zedan Racing Stables, Inc.430075%1$120,000Muth$200,540
Hunt, Georgia Antley, Giglio, Jeff and Rogitz, John L.210050%1$186,000Nothing Like You$186,000
Augustin Stables1523313%0$60,000Mouffy$181,860
Baffert, Natalie J. and Lanni, Debbie1100100%1$180,000Du Jour$180,000
BG Stables and Royalty Stable1341130%1$121,800Roberta's Love$172,160
Les Blake2754418%0$30,600Neon Lights (IRE)$170,780
Superfecta King Stable (Margolis)922322%0$117,900E J Won the Cup$169,500
Integrity Thoroughbred Racing, LLC, The Ellwood Johnston Trust and Tevelde, Kenn2200100%1$163,820Kings River Knight$163,820
Double L Racing1321415%0$84,712Aligato$157,952
Nguyen, Calvin and Tran, Joey C.232028%2$120,000Ag Bullet$155,220
Edward Rusty J. Brown3300100%1$154,200Shady Tiger$154,200
Taboada Racing Stables LLC55129721%0$21,000Autism Puzzle$153,833
Sondereker Racing LLC, Kruljac, J. Eric, Fetkin, Robert S. and Thornburgh, Richa2200100%2$150,000The Chosen Vron$150,000
Wilson, Holly and Wilson, David1735217%0$33,000Arham$149,920
George Krikorian622133%1$80,132Big Novel$149,874
CUYATHY LLC630050%1$81,200Sea Dancer$142,200
Irvin Racing Stable2463525%0$54,840Rhythem On Stage$139,770
Jaime Roberto Renella1011310%1$121,500Chismosa$134,280
Rockingham Ranch2023610%0$43,020Hey Brother$133,460
Team Valor International, LLC510220%1$96,000Nadette (FR)$132,000
Kretz Racing LLC201375%0$47,300Tessuto$127,140
Glenn Sorgenstein WC Racing Inc. and Wonderland Racing Stables, LLC632150%0$85,600Miss Lizzy$125,800
Six-S Racing Stable3300100%0$120,540Ruff Ride$120,540
David A. Bernsen, LLC, Little Red Feather Racing and Rockingham Ranch210050%1$120,500Newgrange$120,500
Baoma Corp210050%1$120,000Nysos$120,500
Cronin, John, DiMarco, Anthony, Mandara, Michael A., Nicotra, Fred and Varvaro,2200100%2$120,000Linda's Gift$120,000
Burns Racing LLC, Exline-Border Racing LLC, SAF Racing, The Estate of Brereton C2200100%2$120,000Stay Hot$120,000
Bee Zee LLC, Lanes End Racing, St. Elias Stables, LLC, Babington, Edward P., Hud2200100%2$120,000Missed the Cut$120,000
Yuesheng Zhang1100100%1$120,000Three Witches$120,000
Mark Davis100430%0$48,000Ah Jeez$118,580
Jerry Jamgotchian2032415%0$47,300No No No Never (IRE)$117,050
Akin, Zvika, Avery, Greg, and Sherman, Steve2284436%0$37,110Mobou$115,060
Paula S. Capestro1732317%0$48,740Back On Track$114,900
Thomas E. Halasz210150%1$110,000Mici's Express$114,440
William R. Peeples320066%1$113,820Big City Lights$114,320
Amerman Racing LLC420050%1$60,000Endlessly$104,720
Al P. Pitchko4066915%0$20,700Coolwind$104,300
Jett, T. Lawrence and Jett, Ann1142136%0$45,176Carmelita's Man$103,346
Charles, Ronald L. and Gordon, Samuel2553520%0$33,000Lammas (GB)$103,330
Slam Dunk Racing940044%0$42,900Corposo$101,410
Benowitz Family Trust, CYBT, Gevertz, Saul, Nentwig, Michael and Peskoff, Jeremy2200100%1$100,200King of Gosford (GB)$100,200
Zephyr Racing LLC and Pais, Alfred710114%0$91,800Curlin's Kaos$99,326
Ruis Racing LLC721128%0$69,300El Rey Dorado$98,020
Baseline Equine LLC3564717%0$36,670Five O Cocktail$96,910
Ed Delaney321066%0$96,620Lamporghini$96,620
David A. Bernsen LLC and Mia Familia Racing Stable320066%1$95,060Johnny Podres$95,060
Warren, Jr., William K. and Warren, Suzanne621033%0$54,100Formidable Man$94,940
Peter Redekop B. C., Ltd.1852327%0$28,050Arctic Breeze$93,650
Tommy Town Thoroughbreds LLC3073723%0$14,100Beat of My Heart$92,636
Jethorse LLC1061060%0$35,880Unbridled Vision$92,240
Huston Racing Stables931333%0$62,820Irish Wahine$91,600
Bisharat, Souheil and Khoury, Khalil513020%0$90,800Safa$91,300
Victory Rose Thoroughbreds, Inc.1960331%0$40,794Proof He Rides$90,330
Richard Barton1322415%0$48,240Left Hand Man$90,320
Muir Hut Stables, LLC930133%0$40,200Judge Miller$89,740
Gray Farms Inc.3466717%0$23,400Yo Baby$89,600
Michael House621033%0$62,200Musical Rhapsody (IRE)$88,700
Barbara DeLima1644025%0$42,770Berry Valley$87,940
H and E Ranch, Inc.910111%1$78,000Desert Dawn$87,700
Tricar Stables, Inc.1741223%0$21,500Tiz Tok$87,460
Timothy Francis O'Leary2874825%0$19,860Old Triangle$87,152
Fritz Brothers Racing, LLC, Net Birdie, LLC, Pappas Horse Racing Corp and Larkin421050%0$87,100Player B$87,100
Ingordo, Dorothy, Jones, Jeffrey R. and Jones, James F.611416%0$56,520Hula Candy$86,480
Belico Racing LLC and Medina, Lizbeth131127%0$70,500See Through It$85,280
M and J Ranch39551012%0$16,740Bronze Girl$83,705
Jay Em Ess Stable1022220%0$39,400Disco Ball$83,670
Metanoia Racing and Siedler, Craig320066%0$83,220Shamrockin$83,220
Saints or Sinners and Seahawk Racing320066%0$80,400Enjoy It Strait$82,440
Slugo Racing1012110%0$53,300Takes Three$81,960
Rainmaker Racing LLC711014%0$65,744Catalina Eddy$80,544
Purple Rein Racing311033%1$80,000Mucho Del Oro$80,500
Stud Facundito10100%0$80,000Subsanador (ARG)$80,000
Little Red Feather Racing1121218%0$47,640Eight Clap$79,720
Mike G. Rutherford2200100%0$79,200Princess of Time$79,200
Saints or Sinners812112%0$39,500Nay V Belle$79,000
Seahawk Racing712114%0$42,600Grazen in the Sun$78,440
Jeremy Ramsland720228%0$50,080Diamonds Danzing$77,940
Alfred Pais612116%0$32,760Big Coupe$77,560
Helm Racing Stable, Evenson, Barbara and Lambert, Jeffrey811212%0$65,000Girl of My Dreams$77,200
Constance Ann Pageler2200100%0$76,260Cowboy Mike$76,260
Beerman Family Trust and Sayjay Racing LLC610316%0$63,000She's a Tempest$75,200
GMT Racing Stables612016%0$53,300Ashcroft$74,620
Mojarro Racing, LLC and Carlos, Felipe721028%0$43,040So I'm Told$74,120
Thor-Bred Stables, LLC811212%0$52,200Irish Prophet$73,480
Amestoy, Leslie A., Amestoy, Pierre J. and Beasley, Roger K.512020%0$58,000Ultimate Authority$72,300
Leon Scott2874425%0$22,800Class Code$72,260
Pozo de Luna, Inc.710014%1$62,500Irideo (ARG)$71,660
Mark D. and Patricia L. Cofer Trust and Webb Family Trust421050%0$69,400Nesso's Lastharrah$70,180
Ciaglia Racing LLC, SAF Racing and Crusberg, Harry A.411025%0$69,620Prancingthruparis$69,620
Peerenboom Racing Stables LLC, Wilson, Holly and Wilson, David320066%0$69,500Doncic$69,500
Valle Las Palmas, LLC1422314%0$44,720Rodrigoknows$68,590
Doubledown Stables, Inc.711014%0$41,600Sketchy$68,100
R L Stables412025%0$65,000Sneaker$68,000
Atomic Racing312033%0$60,200Queens Command (IRE)$67,800
Luciano Medina Gabriel3274221%0$18,260Kerrygold Lady$67,460
Royalty Stable710114%0$40,200Tizzy Twister$65,980
Slugo Racing and Tiger Racing, Inc312033%0$65,400City of Angels$65,400
Gary J. Folgner220430%0$20,800Dancing Mo$64,800
Rozamund Barclay532683%0$13,110Selsae$64,325
Agave Racing Stable, Benowitz Family Trust, CYBT, Nentwig, Michael and Pagano, R210050%1$64,000Bellabel (IRE)$64,000
Repole Stable80220%0$34,840Uncontrollable$62,240
Eclipse Thoroughbred Partners710314%0$40,200Recinto Rompere$61,860
Zephyr Racing LLC311133%0$61,640Abhita$61,640
Mathilde Powell312033%0$53,600Court Snort$61,600
Madaket Stables LLC, Panic Stable LLC, Augustin-Normand, Gerard, LaPenta, Robert1100100%1$60,000Laulne (FR)$60,000
Bakster Farm LLC and Isbister, Gerald1100100%1$60,000Honey Pants$60,000
Madaket Stables LLC10100%0$60,000Easter (FR)$60,000
Mark Cohen611116%0$54,100Andy Can U Hear Me$59,540
Rancho Temescal LLC, Red Baron's Barn LLC and Orr, Rodney E.210050%0$59,400First Peace$59,400
Rex Racing LLC520140%0$26,400Teen Drama$58,940
Altamira Racing Stable and SoCal Seven Racing311033%0$58,120Don't Ju Forget$58,120
Michael McMillan612016%0$33,000Where's My Ring$57,500
Button Stable and Hicker, George411025%0$39,000Special Flower$56,920
Tommy Hutton's Dream Stable LLC311033%0$56,020Hey Demps$56,020
Rainmaker Racing LLC and Lewis, Bret311033%0$39,000Moment's Pleasure$55,900
Smolich, Andy and Smolich, Rob40220%0$50,000Chancery Way$55,400
Gary Barber131127%0$28,800Dial a Friend$55,280
Branch, William A., Buster, Jr., William C. and Cohen, Mark612116%0$21,680Crosby Beach$54,360
Cady, Todd and Leatherman, Ty521040%0$42,260The Bullion Bomber (IRE)$54,260
California Racing Partners, Ciaglia Racing LLC, Gatto Racing, LLC, Cahill, James320166%0$54,240Firsttimeinforever$54,240
Double Kee LLC, Kruljac, J. Eric, Lawless, Rebekah, Lewkowitz, Frank and Lewkowi311033%0$54,100Clubhouse Bride$54,100
Royalty Stable and Montano, Oscar421050%0$53,500Comradery (IRE)$53,500
BG Stables282447%0$20,826My Yammy Lady$53,446
George A. Sharp1012010%0$22,200The Big Cheeseola$53,380
Michael Bello LLC, Bambauer, Sheila and O'Neill Doug F.320066%0$53,300Phenom$53,300
James E. Downey311033%0$39,000Circle of Trust$53,300
McLean Racing Stables610116%0$51,060Jessebear$52,560
Jackpot Farm, Lordship Stud, Rancho Temescal Thoroughbred Partners and Navarro,210150%0$52,200Khinjani (GB)$52,200
Klein, Alan P., Lebherz, Philip and Lyons, Janet210150%0$52,200Getthemoney$52,200
SAF Racing, Haymes, Neil A., McCadden, James E. and Strauss, William210150%0$52,200Tambo$52,200
Abrams, Robert, Dutko, Mitchell and Paran, Michael510120%0$51,152Summer Lake$52,152
Griffin Racing LLC211050%0$52,000Bit's Tiger Magic$52,000
Peter E. Blum Thoroughbreds LLC410125%0$51,560Elegant$51,560
Clint R. Roberts1333223%0$25,070Chamaville$51,170
U.S. Equine, Burke, Walter, Sones, Aaron and Wilson, Harry320166%0$50,760Mahina$50,760
Abbondanza Racing, LLC and Aldabbagh, Omar511020%0$40,800Lady Claypoole (IRE)$50,680
Juddmonte610116%0$47,300Show Card$49,600
Zolotas, Steven and Romo-Zolotas, Sabina621133%0$22,200Disko Tribute$49,080
Four Quarters Corp.511020%0$45,350Dazzle the Command$48,834
Besecker, Joseph E., Diamant, Eli, Knight, Scott and O'Neill, Dennis420150%0$48,500Belle Epoque$48,500
Avansino, James, Exelby, Randy and Mayo, Tom2200100%0$48,000Crimson Rose$48,000
Abbondanza Racing LLC, Durando Donald, Iavarone, Julia C. and Iavarone, Michael2200100%0$48,000Flavius$48,000
Ty Leatherman100320%0$30,300Beer Money$47,800
Luedtke, Walter, Oracheff, Robert and Oracheff, Robert Scott410025%0$47,668Cornelia Fort$47,668
Fihn Holdings, Inc., Irving Ventures LLC, Arthur, Michelle, Ferguson Babcock, Ge310133%0$47,540El Rey Rey$47,540
Bran Jam Stable410125%0$40,700Order and Law$47,540
Kluger's Two Dolla Coffee, LLC710114%0$40,000The Shushala$47,440
Flores, Victor M., Hanson, Ryan and Rubio, Francisco J.310133%0$47,300Oobubbakakayo$47,300
SLO Racing Stable613016%0$35,620Vincero Grande$46,870
Kohler, Kory, Manno, Jeffrey and Stute, Gary210150%0$46,800Sand to Sea$46,800
Muir Hut Stables, LLC and Saints or Sinners210150%0$46,800Ball Don't Lie$46,800
Michael Dubb210150%0$46,800Kathynmarissa$46,800
Kirkwood, Allan K. and Kirkwood, Saundra S.411025%0$44,000Ghost of Midnight$46,740
Marsha Naify310033%0$40,200Liberal Lady$46,320
R3 Racing LLC310133%0$40,200Sharp Aza Tack$46,300
D K Racing, LLC, Qatar Racing LLC, Radley Equine, Inc., Gold, Rick and Odmark, D210050%0$46,200Lunar Impact (GB)$46,200
Woo Pig Stables210050%0$46,200Mo Fox Givin$46,200
Windy Ridge Stables2200100%0$45,960Disobey$45,960
Bob Grayson, Jr.310033%0$45,560Gypsy Tears$45,560
Steve Moger260240%0$8,160National Generaux (IRE)$45,210
Kendal King211050%0$40,200Thirsty Thursday$44,800
Martin W. Bach922222%0$39,206Broadway Tiger$44,656
DP Racing410025%0$43,660Princess Snow$44,650
Brown, Edward Rusty J., Klein, Alan P. and Lebherz, Philip613016%0$32,500De' Medici$44,000
Monty Silverstone LLC821125%0$22,300Lansdowne (GB)$43,980
Oda Racing and U.S. Equine510320%0$27,860Lahaina Flavor$43,940
Mary Tucker1134027%0$20,700Imperial Hornet$43,674
Jeffrey Sengara130230%0$15,860Midnight Mammoth$43,450
Golden Bear Racing3300100%0$42,900Bletchley Park$42,900
La Penita Racing Stable, Batlin, Marc, Batlin, Wright, Donsife, Rebecca and Parn321066%0$42,900Princesa Del Tigre$42,900
Medallion Racing, Narrow KY Rhoades, Aldabbagh, Omar, Fowler, Barry, Olszewski,210050%0$42,900Laudatory$42,900
Natalie J. Baffert40300%0$39,000Bonaqua$42,900
JDT Racing LLC1014110%0$16,755Along Came Joann$42,815
Red Baron's Barn LLC310033%0$41,400Zoffarelli (IRE)$42,350
Lovingier, Terry C., Mihaljevich, John and Ross, David N.512120%0$30,400Mr. Suds$42,240
Ledgerwood Racing Stable LLC and Orr, Rodney E.320066%0$42,200Aventapp$42,200
West Point Thoroughbreds20010%0$42,000Scatify$42,000
Stepaside Farm, LLC512120%0$30,100Gold Foot$41,940
Robert Traynor821125%0$37,080Baby Kristen$41,844
CYBT, Gevertz, Saul, Nentwig, Michael and Peskoff, Jeremy210050%0$41,680City Exile (GB)$41,680
CYBT, McLean Racing Stables, Nentwig, Michael, Pagano, Ray and Post, Stephen E.40220%0$41,600Not A Sinner (GB)$41,600
Paymaster Racing LLC and Slugo Racing210050%0$40,200Delitefull Hart$41,580
Mia Familia Racing Stable and Ward, Dudley310033%0$41,440Jamming Eddy$41,440
Mia Familia Racing Stable910211%0$29,240Barristan The Bold (GB)$41,402
Agave Racing Stable, Little Red Feather Racing, Hopeless Stables and Veranda Sta1100100%0$41,400Sharp Aza Tack$41,400
Johnston, Keith, F. and Papaprodromou, George1100100%0$41,400Cathkin Peak (IRE)$41,400
Albert and Kathleen Mattivi, LLC310033%0$41,200Living Life$41,200
David A. Bernsen, LLC, Aldabbagh, Omar and Lambert, Jeffrey210050%0$40,700Granny Budgie (GB)$40,700
Pappas Horse Racing, Corp, Jaconi, Joseph, O'Neill, Shane and Strauss, William210050%0$40,700Genius Jimmy$40,700
B and B Zietz Stables, Inc.210050%0$40,700Man O Rose$40,700
David R. Rivera631050%0$27,480Yes He Can$40,680
Miguel Carranza210050%0$40,650Halo Uncle$40,650
Peter O. Johnson410025%0$39,500Fleet Feet$40,540
Benowitz Family Trust, CYBT, McLean Racing Stables and Nentwig, Michael30200%0$40,500Zona Verde (IRE)$40,500
Apple Tree Stud1100100%0$40,200Royal Charter (GB)$40,200
Little Red Feather Racing, Sterling Stables, LLC and Volcanic Racing LLC310033%0$40,000Bandwagon$40,000
CSLR Racing Partners LLC10100%0$40,000Pilot Commander$40,000
Red Rafa Stud, Inc20200%0$40,000Planetario (BRZ)$40,000
Soma Racing Stables LLC90220%0$21,400Moonlit Sonata$39,700
El Sueno Stables, LLC412025%0$22,200Margot's Boy$39,620
Fosness, Keith and Walker, Doug311033%0$39,620Eltonsingsanother$39,620
Salas-Ibarra, Nancy and Trujillo, Floriberta251674%0$17,270Kitten's Kid$39,483
Sareen Family Trust310233%0$39,480Virat$39,480
MyRacehorse and Platts, Joey1100100%0$39,000Simply Enchanting$39,000
Benowitz Family Trust, CYBT, McLean Racing Stables, Gevertz, Saul, Lantzman, Mar1100100%0$39,000Sorrento Sky (IRE)$39,000
Wells Watson1100100%0$39,000Ngannou$39,000
Dan Northrup1100100%0$39,000Vlahos$39,000
Bran Jam Stable, California Racing Partners, Ciaglia Racing LLC and Seacoast Rac1100100%0$39,000Make It Snow$39,000
Speedway Stables LLC1100100%0$39,000In Theory$39,000
Colbart Stables and Colvin, Richard A.1100100%0$39,000We're in Trouble$39,000
Giddyup JR, LLC80310%0$13,400Sawasdee$38,940
Mendenhall, John, Mendenhall, Mary L. and Walters, Kate412025%0$38,100Petesoldfashioned$38,100
John P. Warren610116%0$22,020Charge for Gold$38,020
Packsaddle Road LLC111219%0$27,495Mars Magic$37,665
Keith, Allen R. and Koriner, Brian J.211050%0$37,400Bella Vienna$37,400
Thomsen Racing, LLC811112%0$18,140Ms McWhinney$37,380
MyRacehorse410125%0$24,480Pioneer Prince$36,980
Jose Bautista1721211%0$21,405Adios Nicanor$36,435
Robert G. A. Jones1120118%0$30,210Kristin Lee$36,030
Madaket Stables LLC and Slam Dunk Racing10010%0$36,000Corposo$36,000
Alan G. Mindell50210%0$34,840Hennys Crazy Train$35,840
SF Racing LLC, Starlight Racing, Madaket Stables LLC, Stonestreet Stables LLC, G20200%0$35,000Hopkins$35,000
Robert T. Cannon311133%0$34,360Smooth Salute$34,360
Iconic Thoroughbreds LLC40210%0$21,300Ima Joker$34,300
Gravenslund, John and Gravenslund, Kelley30110%0$34,000Gracelund Gray$34,000
Clay R. Sides1434121%0$7,800Imperial Hornet$33,840
Hector Castrellon111019%0$24,200Running Tiger$33,780
Mark Stanton412125%0$33,440We'll Do It Live$33,440
Little Red Feather Racing and Sterling Stables, LLC50210%0$22,080Kitty Kitana (GB)$32,920
Calumet Farm20010%0$32,000Mixto$32,000
Caruso, Michael J. and Dubb, Michael20100%0$32,000Hot Peppers$32,000
My Way Racing LLC, West Coast Stables, LLC, Evenson, Barbara, O'Keefe, John and20110%0$32,000Guy Named Joe$32,000
Slugo Racing and Strauss, William320166%0$31,800Fifty Cinco$31,800
Flurry Racing Stables LLC, Smith, Corey and Spawr, William312033%0$22,200Teen Drama$31,800
Bellasis, Tim, O'Leary, Timothy Francis and Tschanz, Cassandra A.411225%0$31,772Union Wave$31,772
Mongolian Stable1010110%0$22,700Mongolian Altai$31,240
Halvorson, David, Mayol, Jim and Olson, David730142%0$21,690No Secret$31,050
Gary Marrone1731317%0$10,730Amanofmystature$31,040
Keith Brackpool50110%0$24,700Antibes$30,820
Kiser, James and Wolbert, Gary320066%0$30,660Tiger Too$30,660
Calmont Thoroughbreds LLC311033%0$30,600Ankyrah$30,600
MM Wilkes Racing LLC211050%0$30,600Anmer Hall$30,600
Sweetwater Stable and Talla Racing LLC211050%0$30,400Sugar Fish$30,400
Fosselman, Chris, Lovingier, Terry C. and Ryan, Michael John211050%0$30,200Mr. Dreamcycle$30,200
Daehling Farms LLC and Tavares, Norman814112%0$22,010Clever Clover$30,020
Sweetwater Stable, Drew, Gary S., Gaudreau, Christopher D., McMahon, Gerald S. a311033%0$30,020Mystic Flyer$30,020
Haynes, Mark, Smolich, Rob and Thomas, Jamey R.320066%0$29,943Magic Chrome$29,943
David A. Bernsen, LLC and Stuart, John D.311033%0$29,900Goldeneye$29,900
Star Stable30200%0$29,900Strikingly$29,900
CYBT, Nentwig, Michael, Oetman, Gary and Pagano, Ray211050%0$29,800Marinas Tina (IRE)$29,800
California Racing Partners, Ciaglia Racing LLC, Fick Brothers Racing Inc., Fick,211050%0$29,600Big Rainbow$29,600
ISK Racing Stable Inc., Hames, Doug, Lawless, Rebekah, Lewkowitz, Frank, Lewkowi60300%0$24,388Clouseau$29,368
Rakoczy Racing LLC, Wonderland Racing Stables, LLC, Cady, Todd and Cahill, James40120%0$29,100Fast Chaz$29,100
Joseph A. Navarro70110%0$27,300Illhaveanotherkiss$29,100
Han, Moon S. and Medina, Lizbeth510220%0$22,200Top Gun Tommy$28,960
Remmah Racing, Inc.1033030%0$7,680O'Banion (IRE)$28,930
Ciaglia Racing LLC and SAF Racing50100%0$23,180Jetovator$28,906
Triple H Racing Stable Inc30210%0$20,800Lady Monclaire$28,800
Chappell Alpine Farms LLC121508%0$13,950Valiant Son$28,720
Angela Maria Aquino1940321%0$6,555Beautyinthebeast$28,655
Kohler, Kory, Manno, Frederick A., Manno, Jeffrey and Stute, Gary40200%0$28,640Sand to Sea$28,640
Naseer Mohammed Fasihuddin310233%0$28,620Buraq's Reflection$28,620
Ronald A. Hagen1011310%0$20,210You Go Girl$28,370
Dylan Donnelly511120%0$18,900Hardmoneymuchachos$28,280
Thelma & Louise Stable LLC611216%0$14,420Gea$28,220
Sergio A. Salguero430075%0$15,300Right Hand Ryder$28,080
Superfecta King Stable, Kagele, Tom, Sample, Joe M. and Sample, Lola J.310133%0$27,980Mega Moon$27,980
Lizbeth Medina1011110%0$17,540Magnificent Ride$27,780
London, Tom, Lovingier, Terry C. and Zondlo, Eugene30010%0$27,726Last Call London$27,726
Devereaux, Mark and Gross, F. Scott80020%0$17,420Minister Shane$27,640
California Thoroughbred Racing Club LLC and Cutter Nehf Racing Stable, LLC30200%0$27,300Irresistible Force$27,300
Fairview, LLC and Brown, Linda J.310133%0$26,930Where It's At$26,930
J K Racing Stable LLC30200%0$26,000Chasing Kat$26,780
Frankly Speaking, LLC713014%0$12,082Blue Wildcat$26,662
Graves, Stephanie, Pellman, Harry and Seymour, Lauri210150%0$26,640Chasingserendipity$26,640
Ron Glatt412025%0$20,200Sol Del Sur$26,580
California Racing Partners, Ciaglia Racing LLC, O'Donnell, Kevin F. and Pearson,510020%0$22,800Sakura Blossom$26,520
Hanna, Nick, MacDougall, Joseph and Rahib, Ramzy510120%0$20,820Yolo Calls$26,500
MJ Ranch, Alvarado, Esmeralda, Ramirez, Luis and Ruiz, Salvador421050%0$26,490Satanta$26,490
Robison, J. Kirk and Robison, Judy410025%0$18,000Blue Cheese Olive$26,482
Colleen O'Hagan270530%0$5,330Schochoh$26,360
George F. Schmitt190220%0$12,059Sharona's Wild Boy$26,324
Drummond, Lee and Drummond, Lynn311033%0$26,280I'm a Lucky Man$26,280
Melvin Simonovich60210%0$25,080Dick Best$26,080
Pay2Day Thoroughbreds and Bello, Stephen310133%0$26,030Ang N Ash$26,030
Watson, Karl and Weitman, Paul20200%0$26,000Well Funded$26,000
Rancho Temescal Thoroughbred Partners and Red Baron's Barn LLC20100%0$26,000Dandy Man Shines (IRE)$26,000
Godolphin, LLC20000%0$24,000Highland Falls$26,000
Valiant Ranches Ltd.30110%0$25,460Calm Sea$25,460
Rivera, Leobardo R. and Sosa, Manuela Franco923022%0$23,400Major Tom$25,430
Carpenter, Chris and McLean, Bill121228%0$16,241Come Out Fighting$25,291
Packsaddle Road LLC, Baker, D. Wayne, Barton, Richard, Bergounous, Dexter and De320166%0$25,260Honeymoonz Over$25,260
Charles Bartlett310033%0$25,220Mr Big Bucks$25,220
Robert E. Englekirk50030%0$19,560Quick Kate$25,200
Larry Odbert181155%0$9,580Freeport Joe$25,060
Richard C. James512020%0$25,000J D's Rude Boy$25,000
4004 Biscayne, LLC, Avansino, James, Buckendorf, Larry S., Harringer, Tyler, Hes410125%0$24,880Sweet Hello$24,880
George Todaro80110%0$21,440Red Cross Knight$24,820
Domenic Savides412025%0$24,700Grogu$24,700
Talla Racing LLC, West Point Thoroughbreds and Barker, Edwin S.30110%0$24,700Indispensable$24,700
Ables, Frank and Tenbrink, Gene412025%0$24,600Pass the Baton$24,600
California Racing Partners, Ciaglia Racing LLC and Savides, Domenic210050%0$24,500Pacific Rose$24,500
Todd Cady310133%0$24,500National Generaux (IRE)$24,500
Valle Las Palmas, LLC, Cannon, Robert T., Goodwin, Kelley and Goodwin, Timothy W210050%0$24,500Satellite Heart$24,500
Cannon Thoroughbreds, LLC and Savio Thoroughbreds310033%0$24,260Maximum Capacity$24,260
Decker Racing811212%0$18,900Mobe Town$24,210
MacLennan, Anne and Markle, Dan412025%0$24,100Gabby Hayes$24,100
5th Street Stables and Kalil, Michael210050%0$24,060Ice Queen$24,060
Davis Racing LLC, Giordano, Louis A. and Mueller, Martin211050%0$18,000North East Star (IRE)$24,000
Avansino, James, Bernal, Carolyn, Bernal, Eduardo, Harringer, Tyler, Kilgore, Jr1100100%0$24,000Cane Creek Road$24,000
Hall Racing LLC, Pearl Racing and West Point Thoroughbreds10010%0$24,000Slider$24,000
Keith Abrahams10010%0$24,000Kirstenbosch$24,000
Hat Trick Racing131337%0$12,090Gonna Getcha Good$23,921
Tomasic, Susan and Tomasic, William J.511120%0$18,400Tembo$23,840
Warren, Benjamin C. and Warren, Sally70130%0$9,480Warren's Wild Ride$23,740
Michael J. Ryan30010%0$12,000Be Your Best (IRE)$23,700
Diamond T Racing LLC and Iapetus Racing LLC211050%0$23,600Letshaveonemore$23,600
Gem, Inc. and Kagele, Tom30200%0$23,000Forgiving Spirit$23,500
Eagle Ridge Racing LLC, Paymaster Racing LLC, and Slugo Racing310033%0$23,200Panda Peak$23,200
Bowden, David E. and Bowden, Tracie D.613116%0$13,500Midnight Silence$23,100
Campuzano, Lorenzo and Talamantes, Filiberto G.511020%0$22,300Montana$22,980
Hay Day Racing910111%0$15,000Lansdowne (GB)$22,860
Brinkerhoff, Kelly, Cottam, Cami L. and McMillan, Michael410125%0$22,780Stop and a Tres$22,780
Cinema Thoroughbreds, Griffin Stables LLC, Hillman, Joseph, Johnson, Burton, Sab210050%0$22,700Outgunned$22,700
Roadrunner Racing, Evenson, Barbara and Lambert, Jeffrey210050%0$22,700Promissio$22,700
Matriarca50100%0$21,440Vitalera (CHI)$22,440
Halasz, Thomas E. and Knapp, Steve R.1100100%0$22,200Perfect in Gray$22,200
Allen and Susan Branch Family Trust1100100%0$22,200Whimsical Heir$22,200
Harney, Patrick and Hudson, Tom421050%0$22,170J and M Express$22,170
L. N. M. Three Company310133%0$16,200Sky Cloud$22,140
Exline-Border Racing LLC, Ocean Reef Racing, Kennedy, Aaron and Hausman, Richard30110%0$22,100Ms Bo J$22,100
Tim McCanna622133%0$12,000Rocket Ribbon$22,050
Firsthome Thoroughbreds40110%0$20,800Breezy Blue$21,800
A. Jason Hall Stables and Baker, Stephen R.311133%0$21,620Tour Queen$21,620
Auyeung, Nin, Crosby, Philip, Hauck, Cheryl, McLean, Bill, Miller, Todd, Moran,410225%0$21,500I'mgonnabesomebody$21,500
Payne, Greg and Williams, Mack310033%0$21,216Lady Good Trouble$21,216
Debra Medlock520240%0$19,170North Country$21,210
Jan McCanna320066%0$21,210J. B. Books$21,210
RD Race Stable, Inc. and Lavine, David E.511020%0$21,140Trusty Rusty$21,140
Renee Greiner260330%0$5,100Bronze Warrior$21,070
Bayer, Robert C., Buckendorf, Larry S., D'Acquisto, Johnny and Lambert, Jeffrey30200%0$20,940Bag's Gold$20,940
Benowitz Family Trust, CYBT, Nentwig, Michael and Pagano, Ray40210%0$13,140Ellie Moore (IRE)$20,540
Carliwood Farms721028%0$10,800Rafanelli$20,500
Lanni Bloodstock, Baffert, Natalie J. and Graves, Brian310033%0$20,480Mor Tequila$20,480
Bach, Martin W. and Weiner, Daniel210050%0$20,163Melanie's Tiger$20,163
Diamond M Stables and J and N Stables LLC10100%0$20,000Dancing Buck$20,000
Jacqui Navarre721028%0$11,250Code Ribbon$19,980
DeNike, Edward A. and DeNike, Theresa100230%0$9,900Goodbye Kai$19,890
S.O.K. Racing, LLC210050%0$19,860Into It$19,860
Carol Anderson151336%0$9,200Mistical Surprise$19,760
Rosselli, Tim and Calvario, Samuel420250%0$12,780Mr. T's Thirsty$19,680
Morfin, Gonzalo and Rangel, Hector M.2200100%0$19,680Regal Patriot$19,680
Goat Racing Stables LLC522140%0$10,500We Can$19,620
Howard and Janet Siegel Racing LLC710214%0$13,500Beautiful Janet$19,610
Keaveney, Paul and Salguero, Sergio A.50310%0$19,565Unbridled Rhythm$19,565
Chad Littlefield210150%0$19,440Patron d'Oro$19,440
Talla Racing LLC and West Point Thoroughbreds20100%0$19,400Final Boss$19,400
Jason R Litt311033%0$19,250Work to Live$19,250
Rockingham Ranch, Slam Dunk Racing and Weijland Holdings LLC30210%0$19,240When Heroes Fly$19,240
Twilight Racing LLC1100100%0$19,200Nauvoo$19,200
Red Baron's Barn LLC and Vaya Con Suerte, LLC30110%0$15,200She's Muy Muy$19,200
Drakos, Christopher and Hanson, Ryan310033%0$18,500Ze'bul$19,000
Bruce Cudahy420150%0$18,930Eyelight$18,930
Terrence Mann813312%0$12,680Laura's Kidough$18,920
Randy Sparage Racing, LLC311033%0$18,900Elevado$18,900
Caradia Stable LLC, Moger Inc., Stormy Ray Stables, Moresco, Richard L. and Pime30100%0$18,760Moogie Son$18,760
Chris Gounalakis522040%0$14,250J T's Watch$18,550
Hunsucker, Lester, Smolich, Rob and Thomas, Jamey R.310033%0$18,450Hot Betty$18,450
Edge Racing30100%0$18,440Escape Route$18,440
Brown, Edward Rusty J. and Ganje, Jeff1100100%0$18,330Lord Prancealot$18,330
Ronald R. Yayoshi1100100%0$18,330Sawasdee$18,330
Jon P. Denson420250%0$18,180Sea of Liberty$18,180
California Racing Partners, Ciaglia Racing LLC, Fick Brothers Racing Inc., Berna30010%0$18,020Visually$18,020
Aidan Butler1100100%0$18,000Thirty Four Coupe$18,000
Desimone, Fred, Desimone, Cindy, Markham, Matt and McCanna, Tim211050%0$18,000Everydayissaturday$18,000
River Bend Farm (Winick), Tannyhill, William Michael and Weeks, Gregory L.1100100%0$18,000Blonde Bombshell$18,000
Troy Dial2200100%0$13,800Paco's Pico$17,895
Kaleem Shah, Inc.60010%0$13,000Bartholdy$17,840
RadarRob Racing30110%0$17,740Brazenly$17,740
Hedrick, Judy and Hedrick, William L.30020%0$12,000Clovisconnection$17,499
MyRacehorse and Spendthrift Farm LLC20100%0$17,420Man Among Men$17,420
Desimone, Fred and Cindy510120%0$15,750Meeking$17,130
Juan J. Garcia40200%0$16,000Petite Ange$17,000
Peter A. Edwards711214%0$15,600Ramathorn$16,950
Innergy Racing Corp and Zephyr Racing LLC20100%0$16,900Quantum Innergy$16,900
Amo Racing USA50100%0$15,680Great King (FR)$16,900
Muir Hut Stables, LLC, Saints or Sinners and Agnew, Dan J.20100%0$16,900Santarena$16,900
BG Stables, California Racing Partners and Ciaglia Racing LLC210050%0$16,700Lettheliquortalk$16,700
Radley Equine, Inc., Springbrook Stables, Crews, James P., Lovett, John, Maciari210050%0$16,700Gavea$16,700
Brogan, Patrick and O'Leary, Timothy712014%0$15,120Lady Gregory$16,320
Great Friends Stables, LLC, Cady, Todd and Davis, Mark1100100%0$16,200She's My Niece$16,200
Puentes, Jose and Valenzuela, Maria121138%0$10,200Pour On the Cole$16,200
Dale Brewer1100100%0$16,200Patron d'Oro$16,200
Harris Farms, Inc. and Antonsen, Per30200%0$16,100Antonsen$16,100
S NY BOR, LLC, Kitaen, Jordan, Meathe, William, Riggs, Kevin, Tencer, Philip and30100%0$16,080Catmansue$16,080
Wade Jacobsen310033%0$16,000Warrior Lady$16,000
Knapp, Steve, Tomasic, Bill and Tomasic, Sue20200%0$16,000Paleo's Princess$16,000
Veranda Stables20020%0$15,600Ashleys Sandcastle$15,600
Kline, William and Kline, Carolyn210050%0$15,000Aspirational$15,500
Montini, Fred and Trujillo, Victor411125%0$15,470Honorable Gal$15,470
Carpenter, Chris, Fat, Weyland, Fowler, Donnie, Fowler, Earl, Lopez, Juan, Marle520240%0$15,430Big Don's Smiling$15,430
400 Biscayne LLC, Bernal, Eduardo, Buckendorf, Larry S. and Harringer, Tyler20020%0$15,252Professors' Pride$15,252
Efrain Miranda521040%0$15,180Bacalar$15,180
Donald R. Dizney LLC20100%0$15,180Princess Bettina$15,180
Endless Summer Racing, LLC421150%0$15,160He's Init to Winit$15,160
Jarnig, Gordy, Marshall, Kenny and Schweiger, Eric M.210150%0$15,060Rebalation$15,060
RKJ Stable60220%0$7,620Alexander's Dream$15,020
Uryan A. Zermeno1100100%0$15,000John Dunbar$15,000
David A Bernsen LLC and Lambert, Jeffrey1100100%0$15,000Magazine$15,000
Amaty Racing Stables1100100%0$15,000Nauvoo$15,000
McKee, Mary Ellen, Kruljac, J. Eric, Lawless, Rebekah and Lewkowitz Frank and Ka10010%0$15,000Clubhouse Bride$15,000
Blue Moon Racing Ltd. and Dietrich, Steven30200%0$14,950Star Racer$14,950
Team Valor International LLC and Barber, Gary30110%0$14,400New Collection (GB)$14,900
5th Street Stables and Geezee Racing320166%0$14,880Blossoming$14,880
Brent J. Malmstrom30100%0$13,900Size Does Matter$14,860
Mclean Racing Stables, Baker, Connie, Baker, Jerry, Gorman, William, Ordonez, Ag30100%0$14,800Vodka Vodka$14,800
Acker, Thomas W., Brown, Edward Rusty J., Smith, Corey, Sanford, Thomas C. and S20100%0$14,740Freedom Lass$14,740
Douglas R. Hames60110%0$10,120Cody Boy$14,720
Michael Der Manouel310033%0$14,673Tiz My Princess$14,673
Steven Miyadi621033%0$7,950Johnny Paycheck$14,650
Alten, Bob, Andresen, Erik, Isetta, Bill and Isetta, Marilyn412025%0$14,500Redstwirlingdancer$14,500
Kinross, Lance and Kinross, Steve1100100%0$14,400Prince Abu Dhabi$14,400
Knapp, Steve R. and Lovingier, Terry C.1100100%0$14,400Court Snort$14,400
Desimone, Fred, Jarnig, Gordon and McCanna, Tim1100100%0$14,400Rimprotector$14,400
Mia Familia Racing Stable and Rockingham Ranch20000%0$14,382Principe Carlo$14,382
Highfield Investment Group, Inc. and Bamford, Alice20110%0$13,000Runyon Canyon$14,380
Mike Flory90020%0$8,660Devil Moon$14,330
ERJ Racing, LLC, Madaket Stables LLC, Westside Racing Stable and Kenney, Dave20100%0$14,300Mackinnon$14,300
Jauregui Racing Stables, Inc., Eplin, Danny A., Gerson, Charles E. and Valadez,1100100%0$14,100Miss Bellimbusto$14,100
Randall and Rossi LLC, Hughes, Gary C. and Lucarelli Racing Corp310133%0$13,650Falsely Accused$14,100
Paul Lininger50110%0$14,053Bold Daughter$14,053
Roadrunner Racing, West Coast Stables, LLC, Evenson, Barbara and Lambert, Jeffre20010%0$14,040Mystification$14,040
Pinkerton, Mary Lee and Vetter, Michael S.30200%0$14,020Eligio$14,020
Innergy Racing Corp, Zephyr Racing LLC and Pais, Sonny30100%0$14,000Nitti (IRE)$14,000
Williamson Racing LLC30100%0$13,000Rhino$14,000
Jesus J. Uranga100310%0$5,680Hapi Hapi$13,980
Villarreal, Mario and Laura520140%0$13,960Havakash Ready$13,960
Daehling Farms LLC and Brogan, Patrick40200%0$13,905Party With Paddy$13,905
Hronis Racing LLC, West Point Thoroughbreds and Woodford Racing, LLC20100%0$13,900Hawker$13,900
Doria, Anthony and Doria, Richard A.20100%0$13,900Alternate Rock$13,900
Royalty Stable and Riggio, Dolores20100%0$13,900California Tiger$13,900
Haagsma, John R. and Vanderdussen, Robert John20100%0$13,900Wishtheyallcouldbe$13,900
C T R Stables LLC (Calvert)1100100%0$13,800Crypto Craze$13,800
Altamira Racing Stable and Kagele, Tom10100%0$13,800Crosby Beach$13,800
CYBT, Sterling Stables, LLC and Nentwig, Michael10100%0$13,800Cathkin Peak (IRE)$13,800
Philip Paine511120%0$7,900Movietime$13,750
Gogo Racing Stables LLC50130%0$12,150Incredible Shot$13,710
Katy Farquaharson1100100%0$13,500Hannahaza Hetty$13,500
Randy Leifer1100100%0$13,500Paynt Ya Later$13,500
Magnier, Mrs. John, Smith, Derrick and Tabor, Michael B.20100%0$13,500British Isles$13,500
Allen R. Keith20100%0$13,500Let Seamus Go$13,500
Huntertown Farm LLC70110%0$8,840Trotsky$13,490
BKB Stables LLC and Sherman, Steve40200%0$13,440American Farmer$13,440
Westerberg, Magnier, Mrs. John, Poulin, Jonathan, Smith, Derrick and Tabor, Mich10100%0$13,400Fifth Street$13,400
Old Bones Racing Stable, LLC and Slam Dunk Racing20010%0$13,340Miracle Mark$13,340
John Lanza2200100%0$13,200Dorine's Wild Cat$13,200
Mad Hansen Racing LLC, Sandlot Racing Stables and Hansen, Shirley510120%0$6,600Cardinal Trick$13,049
Frank R. Ables512220%0$13,020After My Own Heart$13,020
Battle Born Racing Stable611316%0$6,995Jaycee$13,015
John Ford Racing, Inc., Seahawk Racing and Agnew, Dan J.10100%0$13,000Money Makes Money$13,000
Slam Dunk Racing, Baltas, Richard and McClanahan, Jerry10100%0$13,000British Isles$13,000
Living The Dream LLC, Medallion Racing, Aldabbagh, Omar and Fowler, Barry10100%0$13,000Loterie (IRE)$13,000
My Way Racing LLC10100%0$13,000Hurricane Way$13,000
ERJ Racing, LLC, Haymes, Neil A., Miller, Andrew and Verrati, Robert N.10100%0$13,000Feel the Magic$13,000
Stubblefield, Thomas B. and Stubblefield, Susan411025%0$12,980Adapted Memory$12,980
Kelly, Benjamin E. and Taylor, Faith612016%0$9,650Shanghai Mist$12,750
Frank T. Sample210150%0$12,720Raven's Quest$12,720
Shanderella Stables and Anderson, Robert W.30010%0$12,694Grazed$12,694
Mark D. Breen40100%0$8,640Mighty Kai$12,660
Carpenter, Chris, Crosby, Philip, Hauck, Cheryl, Miller, Todd and O'Brien, Patri510120%0$12,600Outer Sunset$12,600
Patricia A. Elia Trust, Belott, Peter, Belott, Lisa, Boud, Andrew, Boud, Coleen,40000%0$12,560Satoshi$12,560
Martin, Perry and Martin, Denise30010%0$12,560Immelmann$12,560
Desimone, Cindy, Desimone, Fred and Smith, Gary410025%0$12,500Kingmeister$12,500
Pin Oak Stud LLC20000%0$12,500Boltage$12,500
Cedros, Bacharach, Jane and Schatz, Richard20010%0$12,500Duvet Day (IRE)$12,500
Jennifer Nunnally141017%0$8,170Wegottodrinking$12,220
Auyeung, Nin, Hauck, Cheryl, Miller, Todd, O'Brien, Patricia and Taylor, Marilyn510220%0$12,210Mo Town Gal$12,210
Madden Racing512020%0$6,600You Kidding Me$12,200
Charles Garvey30010%0$12,200Run Bryce Run$12,200
Integrity Thoroughbred Racing, LLC, ITR LLC, Victor Racing, Ghaster, Brad and Gh30010%0$12,200American Glory (GB)$12,200
Koriner, Brian J. and Lyons, Janet20110%0$12,200Hot Box$12,200
Martin, Jerry R. and Margaret M.610116%0$6,250A Perfect Path$12,188
Arno, Kasha and Cuellar, Jodi411125%0$12,170Chelsiesdanziglite$12,170
Glen Hill Farm, Haras d'Etreham, De Seroux, Laura and Naify, Marsha20010%0$12,060Grace Period (FR)$12,060
Hill, Laurie LeAnne and Hill, Steven411125%0$12,030Cee's the Image$12,030
Jethorse LLC, Wachtel Stable and Barber, Gary10010%0$12,000Daddysruby$12,000
Daniell, James M. and Daniell, Donna10010%0$12,000Offlee Naughty$12,000
Jauregui Racing Stables Inc., Barrett, Dan, Crossley, David, Foran, David, Preis10010%0$12,000Ascendancy$12,000
Colbart Stables and Michael McCarthy Racing Stable, Inc.10010%0$12,000Lord Bullingdon$12,000
Rainmaker Racing LLC and Pais, Alfred10000%0$12,000Gentlemen's Club$12,000
Paredes, Jose and Trujillo, Victor412025%0$11,950Grit and Curiosity$11,950
Royal Victory Thoroughbreds LLC412025%0$11,950Upstart Yankee$11,950
Gary and Mary West20010%0$8,040American Hope$11,940
Brogan, Patrick, Earley, Brian and Philipie, Bruce1100100%0$11,880Sonoma Dreaming$11,880
D K Racing, LLC, Wine Alot Stables, Daw, Edward, Gold, Rick, Hindman, John Rober412025%0$11,850Driver's Ed$11,850
Spooner, Sue and Tim310033%0$10,800Zazen$11,700
Talla Racing LLC, West Point Thoroughbreds and Woodford Racing20010%0$11,700Prosper$11,700
Rock Brother Racing LLC20010%0$11,700Americandreammaker$11,700
Sausalito Partners, LLC20010%0$11,700Epione$11,700
Rancho Temescal Thoroughbred Partners20010%0$11,700Kelly's Out (IRE)$11,700
Begley, Paul, Mathis, Andy, Panian, Len, Porreca, Anthony and Underwood, Chris1100100%0$11,520Tribal Nation$11,520
Rangel, Hector M. and Rubin, Howard511220%0$11,370Soo Brooklyn$11,370
Flurry Racing Stables LLC310033%0$11,310Hanks$11,310
Alexa Racing Stable20100%0$11,220Hondo Crouch$11,220
Chase, Mark, Knapp, Steve R., Ryan, Michael John and Ryan, Ronald L.30020%0$11,100Last Call Paul$11,100
Brogan, Patrick, Jameson, Kevin and Philipie, Bruce50220%0$11,010Town Performer$11,010
Stewball Stable, Richter, Joan and Sherman, Steve210050%0$10,950Rev Ree$10,950
Robert W. Creighton511120%0$10,920Infinite Love$10,920
Grayson, Jr., Bob and Risi, Oreste P.40110%0$8,500Half Nelson$10,900
Auyeung, Nin, Hauck, Cheryl, McLean, Bill, Planchon, Doug and Taylor, Marilyn310033%0$10,890Canam Gal$10,890
Bellasis, Tim and Tschanz, Cassandra A.511120%0$10,880Gallant Warren$10,880
Fritts, Marie J., Graves, Stephanie, Pellman, Harry and Seymour, Lauri30030%0$10,800Dolly May (IRE)$10,800
Wayne E. Swisher610116%0$8,500Sweet Millie$10,780
Laurie Johnson50320%0$9,280Mr. Fighter$10,780
California Racing Partners, Ciaglia Racing LLC, John Ford Racing, Inc. and Drenk40300%0$10,750Law Abiding$10,750
Coast Racing, Bassett, Randy and Knapp, Steve R.30100%0$10,720Tapit Doux$10,720
Old Bones Racing Stable, LLC410025%0$9,200Mars On Fire$10,540
Michael Bello LLC and Bartlett, Charles30010%0$10,540The Big Wam$10,540
Lovingier, Terry C. and Navarro, Amanda30010%0$10,520Fiamina$10,520
Richard L. Glassman70010%0$8,460Puddin Head Jones$10,340
S Tsujimoto, LLC610016%0$8,250Lisa's Angel$10,325
Patricia Ford611016%0$9,850Bold Encounter$10,300
Old Bones Racing Stable, LLC, Slam Dunk Racing and Nentwig, Michael40010%0$10,240Gregorian Chant (GB)$10,240
Sido Racing Partners, LLC, Freeman, Cassie and Freeman, Keenan30110%0$10,226Councilwoman Jilly$10,226
Rovner, Michael, Wallace, Glenn and Wallace, Betty L.30110%0$10,226Shezarunaway$10,226
Woodway Stables411025%0$10,200Helen's Sun$10,200
Benowitz Family Trust, Convergence Stables LLC, Naify, Marsha and Powell, Mathil30100%0$10,120Dance Man$10,120
Branch, William A., and Jones, Robert M.210050%0$10,100Silent Sunday$10,100
Tim M. Bankers40100%0$10,100Street Humor$10,100
Creel, Allen, Wedge, Stephanie and Weiss, Lisa311033%0$10,050Pretty Thirsty$10,050
Keith F. Johnston20010%0$10,040Invincible Molly (GB)$10,040
Lirios Racing Stables2200100%0$5,190Bandslammer$9,815
Caposio, Herold LLC20100%0$9,800Bowtie Boys$9,800
JKX Racing20100%0$9,800A New Peace$9,800
Belico Racing LLC30110%0$9,780Gostoso$9,780
Slam Dunk Racing, McClanahan, Jerry and Nentwig, Michael20010%0$9,780Ginobili$9,780
Glen Road Racing, LLC, Highland Yard LLC and Raygoza, Ben40100%0$9,770Tesoro$9,770
Smith, Troy and Thomas, Troy310133%0$9,693Light the Beam$9,693
Run For Us Stables, LLC311033%0$9,650Implicitly$9,650
Miyadi, Steven and Ryan, Michael Joseph20100%0$9,620Getemdusty$9,620
Blaine D. Wright Racing Stable LLC, and Kenneally, Eric211050%0$9,600Wodeton (FR)$9,600
Altamira Racing Stable, CYBT, Lantzman, Marc and Nentwig, Michael30010%0$9,600Motivating Force$9,600
John M. Poole30010%0$9,600Girlcanthelpit$9,600
Javier C. Perez50010%0$5,300Unwritten Code$9,540
Integrity Thoroughbred Racing, LLC, Taste Of Victory Stables LLC, The Ellwood Jo210050%0$9,450Iconic Sky$9,450
Robert D. Bone20010%0$9,380Tizzy Twister$9,380
Lordan, William, O'Shaughnessy, Eamon and Powers, Larry40030%0$9,360Rose of Mooncoin$9,360
Gerardo R. Aguilar511020%0$8,900Eddie Crosswire$9,350
Bellasis, Tim, Lafever, Bennie, D., and Tschanz, Cassandra410125%0$9,300Rich Gold$9,300
Petrosian Brothers Racing Stable410125%0$9,240Deo$9,240
Eagle Ridge Racing LLC710014%0$7,200Venom$9,230
MJ Ranch and Atmajian, Paul610116%0$5,950Galopin Gourmet$9,220
Turner, Joe L., Velez, Enrique and Velez, Marlo211050%0$9,200Little Liliana$9,200
Desimone, Fred, Desimone, Cindy and Peters, Mark211050%0$9,200Almost Snow$9,200
Hanson, Ryan and Pearson, Richard C.50100%0$8,200Remote$9,200
Bass II, Perry R., Bass, Ramona S., Dilschneider, Adele B. and Hancock, II, Wadd30110%0$9,140Sense$9,140
Teresa McWilliams30010%0$9,140Billy's Bet$9,140
Sarah Kelly30000%0$9,100Apple Fest$9,100
Daehling Farms LLC and Tittle, Morgan510220%0$9,040Jersey Babe$9,040
Altamira Racing Stable, Madaket Stables LLC and Kagele, Tom10010%0$9,000C Z Rocket$9,000
Ashley T. Garcia710314%0$4,400Seige the Day$8,925
Lori Gallegos20020%0$8,880Cribbage Board$8,880
Victory Rose Thoroughbreds, Inc., Bazzano, Richard and Mello, Larry311033%0$6,750River of Ambition$8,850
Dunham, Eric, Horan, Shawn and Strelo, Jim211050%0$8,800Strait of Georgia$8,800
WSS Racing30010%0$8,800Runaway Kitten$8,800
Schroeder Farms LLC20010%0$8,780Mas Rapido (GB)$8,780
Z TB Racing, Bennett, James P., Fifield, Fred, Morris, Steven, Mullens, Daniel,210050%0$8,760Grazen Sun$8,760
Lovingier, Terry C., Madiha, Zahra and Navarro, Amanda40000%0$8,742Madiha$8,742
Flores, Jose A. and Guttman, Bruce30020%0$8,700Takamakahara$8,700
Quentin B. Miller100200%0$6,160Warrens Candy Man$8,650
Arturo J. Williams611116%0$4,035Smokin Hot Bobbie$8,635
Rudy, Roman, Shoemaker, Trevor, Smolich, Rob and Thomas, Jamey R.30210%0$8,580Lookin to Excel$8,580
Abbondanza Racing, LLC and David A. Bernsen, LLC30010%0$6,560Stressed$8,560
George, Anthony S., George, Patricia A., Isetta, Bill, Isetta, Marilyn, and Wall310133%0$8,550Mischievous Pirate$8,550
KAM Racing Stables30000%0$8,540Defensor Fortis$8,540
James J. Martin20010%0$8,540Rastaman Vibe$8,540
Antonio P. Sardo20010%0$8,540Rugelach$8,540
All Schlaich Stables, LLC, Gatto Racing LLC, Sebold Racing LLC, Powell, Mathilde20100%0$8,540Dendera$8,540
Howard and Janet Siegel Racing LLC and Hess Jr., Robert B.20010%0$8,540Issa Court$8,540
Alvarado, Esmeralda and Ramirez, Luis and Ruiz, Salvador510020%0$8,520Twirling Derby$8,520
Samuel Calvario610016%0$5,500Playboy Style$8,500
West Point Thoroughbreds, Barker, Edwin S. and Sandbrook, William30110%0$8,500Elector$8,500
CYBT, Nentwig, Michael, Tiernan, Dennis B., and Weiner, Daniel30000%0$8,500Leisurewear (IRE)$8,500
Victory Rose Thoroughbreds, Inc., Janlois, Mark and Janlois, Ann20200%0$8,450Ann Loves Mark$8,450
Ciaglia Racing LLC and Savides, Domenic30100%0$8,400Auratium$8,400
Dory, Bill, Dory, Sandy, Kropp, Gary and Kropp, Janet70000%0$4,260Stay Up$8,370
Kane Kachur20100%0$8,360She's My Niece$8,360
John Duic20010%0$7,800Nocturne Court$8,300
Thomas, John C. and Thomas, Joseph M.20010%0$8,300Billbernjoejohnick$8,300
SF Racing LLC, Starlight Racing, Madaket Stables LLC, Bashor, Dianne, Masterson,20010%0$7,800New King$8,300
Seltzer Thoroughbreds30000%0$7,800Be a Goldfish$8,300
Joe Herrick Racing Stables, LLC20010%0$8,300Princess Midnight$8,300
Porta Pia Stables, LLC20010%0$8,300Blue Fashion$8,300
Baker, D. Wayne and Santoro, Michele310033%0$8,280Chief Jackson$8,280
Michael J. Miller10010%0$8,280Secrets Told$8,280
Mia Familia Racing Stable and Ruiz, Marco A.40010%0$8,200Mastermind$8,200
Donald J. Valpredo310033%0$6,900Chippewa Bud$8,140
Robert Liewald310133%0$8,130Villa Nova$8,130
Greger, Thomas and McLean, Bill40010%0$8,112Strange Addiction$8,112
Howey, Quinn and Swanson, Steve1100100%0$8,100Cowboy Charlie$8,100
Dunn Bar Ranch LLC, Jethorse LLC, Hodge, Al, Jarnig, Gordon and McCanna, Tim40020%0$5,400Catalina Cocktail$8,100
Joseph Casale30100%0$7,605Magic Wanderer$8,055
FMQ Stables10010%0$8,040Havildar$8,040
R Unicorn Stable10010%0$8,040Excelia (IRE)$8,040
Guard Hill Racing10010%0$8,040Milagre Do Sol$8,040
Brian Trela10010%0$8,040Irish Wahine$8,040
Koentopp Racing, LLC10010%0$8,040Dual Threat$8,040
Pinkerton, Mary Lee and Warren, John P.40100%0$7,520Ringtone$8,020
Ivan Perez Becerra120010%0$4,380Valerie$8,010
ERJ Racing, LLC, Madaket Stables LLC, Haymes, Neil A., Miller, Andrew and Verrat10100%0$8,000Feel the Magic$8,000
Exline-Border Racing LLC, Hudock, William Dan, Kennedy, Aaron and Wilson, Susann20100%0$7,900Get Kraken$7,900
Gangemi, Jarrod A., Saavedra, Cassie, Saavedra, Jennifer M. and Saavedra, Nichol20100%0$7,900Ryder's Candy$7,900
Knapp, Steve R., Lovingier, Terry C. and Moroney, John20100%0$7,900Miss Miche Lada$7,900
Jeong, Peter and Johnston, Keith F.20100%0$7,900Kanderel$7,900
Youkhanna, Joel and Youkhanna, Joette40000%0$4,400Toppers Wager$7,884
Margarito Arechiga310033%0$7,800Dr Pescado$7,800
Dunn Bar Ranch LLC, Hodge, Al, MacLennan, Anne and McCanna, Tim210150%0$7,800Smile and Profile$7,800
Andrews, Gary Randall and Dilworth, Scott10010%0$7,800Dashingly$7,800
Heck, William L., Saller, Bill and Wells, Daniel10010%0$7,800Hayley Amber$7,800
Sweetwater Stable, Drew, Gary S., Gaudreau, Christopher D., Haramoto, Doreen, Ll20000%0$7,800Mystic Spirit$7,800
CYBT, Nentwig, Michael and Pell, Richard C.10100%0$7,800Kid Azteca$7,800
Dean Marcic310033%0$7,680Sweet Layla Rae$7,680
TAK Racing210050%0$7,650Wodeton (FR)$7,650
Omar Aldabbagh210050%0$7,650Fayruz Tribute$7,650
Ai, Lily and Ruvalcaba, Alberto210150%0$7,620Rose of Jericho$7,620
Martin, Craig and Yamamoto, Gregory40100%0$7,610Mogollon Rim$7,610
Smolich, Rob and Thomas, Ruby30020%0$7,605Elwood Road$7,605
Gutierrez, Rafael and Orlandini, John10100%0$7,600Awesome Rhythm$7,600
California Racing Partners, Ciaglia Racing LLC, Hanson, Michelle, Pearson, Richa10100%0$7,600Man Child$7,600
Luis Ricardo Garcia211050%0$7,540King Adrock$7,540
Brinkerhoff, Kelly, Brinkerhoff, Val, Grayson, Jr., Bob and Risi, Oreste P.30100%0$7,520Audible Silence$7,520
B Fekkes Dairy160000%0$2,250My Motorhome$7,500
Metanoia Racing310033%0$6,750Sygrayem$7,490
Bellusa, Larry, Peasley, Gary, Rich, Eddie, and Salinas, David, R.310033%0$7,440Rhonda's Cookin$7,440
Desert Sun Stables10100%0$7,400Quaria Thunder$7,400
Sweetwater Stable, Gaudean, Christopher, Haramoto, Doreen, Lloyd, Linda, Lyle, C10100%0$7,400Mystic Spirit$7,400
All Schlaich Stables LLC, Gatto Racing, LLC, Sebold Racing LLC, Sebold, Johanna10100%0$7,400Quaria Thunder$7,400
Metanoia Racing, Homeidan, Abe M., Hovik, John S. and Gitipityapon, Andy10100%0$7,400Ace Ace Baby$7,400
Benjamin, Lyle and McCanna, Tim210050%0$7,350Big Spin$7,350
Blaine D. Wright Racing Stable LLC210050%0$6,900Stein's Girl$7,350
Wachtel Stable and Barber, Gary30010%0$4,440Woodbine Way$7,340
James Shenouda20100%0$7,300Crypto Ride$7,300
Brown, Edward Rusty J. and Stanton, Mark40110%0$7,260Golf Drama$7,260
Gilberto Verduzco610016%0$6,835Run Auntie T Run$7,235
Paul Atmajian310033%0$7,200Juliet's Kitchen$7,200
Altamira Racing Stable, Rafter JR Ranch LLC, STD Racing Stable and Nentwig, Mich20010%0$7,200Pace Lane$7,200
Ruben P. Garcia511020%0$5,895Divinely Diverse$7,095
Susan J. Meyer210050%0$7,050Topper's Chieftess$7,050
White Fence LLC, Bernal, Eduardo, Buckendorf, Larry S. and Harringer, Tyler30020%0$7,020Thirsty Lov$7,020
Gabriel, Luciano Medina and Kum, Hon Cheung80110%0$5,390Made the Team$7,010
Jorge Maravilla210050%0$6,300The Calabrese Kid$6,990
Sean Michael Perry411025%0$4,400Sparks Flyin$6,965
Jaime Morfin310133%0$6,460Midnight Lightning$6,960
David Hinkins80100%0$2,520Big Creek$6,920
Sharon Sherlock20100%0$6,900Heartfullofstars$6,900
Bellasis, Tim, Smartt, Donna and Tschanz, Cassandra50120%0$6,890Torpedo Away$6,890
Victory Rose Thoroughbreds, Inc., Pennant-Jones, John and Wollan, Donald40130%0$6,840Dontim$6,840
LFG Racing, Wine Alot Stables, Aurelio, Nick, Berg, Kory, Bottala, John, Bottala210050%0$6,800To Speight Her$6,800
Lirios Racing311133%0$6,790Epic Drama$6,790
Akin, Zvika and Sherman, Art210050%0$6,750Maclean's Rhyme$6,750
Alvernaz, Grant and Ribeiro, Steve210050%0$6,750Horse Doctor$6,750
Lusk, Gary and Lusk, Deborah210050%0$6,750Cry Me a Runner$6,750
Stewball Stable, Smolich, Rob and Thomas, Jamey R.20100%0$6,740Queen Molotov$6,740
Shapiro, Thomas A. and Shapiro, Deborah40000%0$6,226Stamp My Passport$6,726
O C West Coast Stables311033%0$6,680Real Thirsty$6,680
Jasen Harviston20010%0$6,660Ghost Coast$6,660
Nathanael Atmajian30100%0$6,630Delian League$6,630
Buckendorf, Larry S., Hale, Jr., Richard and Lambert, Jeffrey1100100%0$6,600Gotcha Lookin$6,600
Horseplayers Racing Club and Moger Inc.1100100%0$6,600Thirsty Baby$6,600
Victory Rose Thoroughbreds, Inc. and Bazzano, Richard310033%0$5,500Harbor Dearest$6,580
Browne Cattle Co. and Branch, William A.310033%0$5,950Feisty Ella$6,580
Hector Ramiro Preciado20100%0$6,560Lusma$6,560
Oscar Prieto Casillas310033%0$5,520Lampy$6,510
Hansen, Todd and Hansen, Shawn50100%0$4,500Ethan's Girl$6,510
Bruce Slade20000%0$6,500Lucky Girl (IRE)$6,500
Brant, Peter M. and Shanahan, Mrs. Paul20000%0$6,500Lakota Spirit$6,500
CYBT, Rafter JR Ranch LLC, STD Racing Stable and Nentwig, Michael20000%0$6,500Madison Rae$6,500
S. J. S. Stables and Diamond, Lindy S.20000%0$6,500Daniel's Magic$6,500
Eclipse Thoroughbred Partners and Golightly, Holly20000%0$6,500Air Force Red$6,500
Bobby and Carol Ann Grayson Living Trust30100%0$4,600Carol's Comic$6,480
Anne MacLennan30110%0$6,470Arma d'Oro$6,470
Benjamin V. Hernandez310033%0$6,450Hollywood Rumor$6,450
Randall and Rossi LLC, Hughes, Gary C. and Lucarelli, Pamela20110%0$6,440Golden Ale$6,440
Armando Gonzalez Solis50210%0$6,400Standforgrit$6,400
Heck, William L. and Saller, William1100100%0$6,300Point and Shoot$6,300
Hopeless Stables, Lewis, Michael D. and Vanderslice, John1100100%0$6,300Kiki Krazy$6,300
Hedrick, William L. and Hernandez, Andres1100100%0$6,300Sanger Style$6,300
Timothy B. Henry1100100%0$6,300Merry Blue$6,300
Metanoia Racing and Yerikyan, Garbis G.20000%0$6,300Palagio$6,300
Genaro Vallejo311033%0$6,290Elusive Virtue$6,290
Fairview, LLC60100%0$4,790Keep Movin' On$6,275
Frost, Larry and Robin20020%0$6,126Robie$6,126
Highfield Investment Group, Inc.20110%0$6,120Classy City$6,120
Cedros, Glen Hill Farm, Bacharach, Jane and Schatz, Richard10100%0$6,110Belly Up$6,110
Baker, Connie, Baker, Jerry, Parsons, Anthony and Parsons, Rachel30100%0$6,100Zzyzx$6,100
Lebherz, Philip and Meister, Richard30100%0$6,100Crowning Gold$6,100
Rachel Hare30010%0$6,100Habeas$6,100
Paul A. Hagemann40210%0$6,090Violet Thunder$6,090
Don Alberto Stable30010%0$5,300Citadino$6,040
Little Red Feather Racing, Sterling Stables, LLC and Naify, Marsha50000%0$4,520Blackpink (IRE)$6,020
Gracia Naranjo310133%0$5,510Nene Romano$6,010
Agave Racing Stable and Sam-Son Farm10000%0$6,000Tio Magico$6,000
CYBT, Lantzman, Marc, Nentwig, Michael and Pagano, Ray10100%0$6,000North East Star (IRE)$6,000
Abbondanza Racing, LLC, Medallion Racing, Thrash, Dawn and Thrash, Ike10000%0$6,000Turnerloose$6,000
Stoneway Farm10000%0$6,000Musical Mischief$6,000
Scott D. Sosa50200%0$5,960Duplication$5,960
Strohmaier Racing and Mathis, Andy210050%0$5,950Lilly's Journey$5,950
Sergio S. Perez210050%0$5,950My Dad Is Thirsty$5,950
Eaton, Terri, Gibson, Joe H. and Reagan, Dee210050%0$5,950Draw Some$5,950
Stephen B. Weissman20100%0$5,900Air Force Thunder$5,900
Richard R. Patenaude30010%0$5,900Established$5,900
Ali Nilforushan20000%0$5,882Standing O$5,882
Out of the Blue Stables20000%0$5,882Bella D$5,882
Archibald, Michael, Lenberg, Tom, McLean, Bill, Taylor, Marilyn, Wickman, Jim an30020%0$5,850Union Heiress$5,850
Rodas, III, Victor M., Rodas, Holly and Garcia, Oscar L.30000%0$5,840Petit Filet$5,840
Steve Taub20010%0$5,280General Mathis$5,780
Maryanski, John and Janene and Schneider, Gerald40100%0$3,950Top Executive$5,750
Meza, Ernie and Meza, Elsie60110%0$5,740Amanda Rose$5,740
DP Racing and Sheehy, Dennis J.20010%0$5,740Take Caramie$5,740
Anthony Pescetti50010%0$5,253Dads Dream$5,703
Bran Jam Stable, California Racing Partners, Ciaglia Racing LLC and Drenk, Rober30000%0$5,700Collectively$5,700
Carpenter, Chris, Deck II, Rodney and McLean, Bill30210%0$5,660Max's Maxine$5,660
Dudzik, Michael, Garthwaite, Eric and Salvatore, Raymond L.30010%0$5,640Mitico$5,640
Edwin G. Alvarez40000%0$5,140Easter Coming Back$5,640
Carolyn Mendes40200%0$5,630I Am Amadeo$5,630
Henline, Tracy and Henline, Paula30100%0$5,600Spinnin Pistols$5,600
Rebecca Donsife40200%0$5,600Lying Ghost$5,600
Rodrigo Quinteros Quevedo210050%0$5,590Runaway Wywy$5,590
Double B Racing Stables30000%0$5,580Mo Rewards$5,580
McCanna, Tim and Silva, Mary Ellen40100%0$5,570Artemus Gordon$5,570
White Fence LLC, Buckendorf, Larry S., and Underhill, Peter G.30010%0$5,560St Ignacio$5,560
Panic Stable LLC40000%0$4,520Ms Brightside (IRE)$5,520
Taylor Richmond1100100%0$5,500Rally Cat$5,500
Big Iron Racing, LLC30010%0$5,440Handsome Harry$5,440
Quattro Piedi Stable20010%0$5,411The Little H Man$5,411
G C C I70010%0$2,655Mr. Duff$5,385
Equilete, Inc.20100%0$5,300Never Seen Before (IRE)$5,300
Flawless Racing, Flanagan, Brian, Jarvis, Michael and Weseloh, Michael20010%0$5,300Disko Tribute$5,300
Sabine Buerchler20010%0$5,180Nakota (IRE)$5,180
Highland Yard LLC30010%0$3,744Highland Ghost$5,109
Michael Macy20100%0$5,100Soul Sweet$5,100
Weijland Holdings LLC30010%0$5,100Quagmire Magic$5,100
Altamira Racing Stable and Slam Dunk Racing20100%0$5,100Dark Marcus$5,100
Mojarro Racing, LLC20100%0$5,100Handr'sdream$5,100
Danuario Ramirez Garcia40120%0$5,090Supersonic Flyer$5,090
Brogliatti, Raymond and Fried, Michael40100%0$4,640Thunder of Zion$5,090
Madsen, Linda L. and Seifert, Joy30000%0$5,060Gold Council$5,060
Jesus Garcia310033%0$4,095Loud Fusaichi$5,055
Smolich, Andy, Smolich, Jim, Smolich, Rob and Wood, Chris30200%0$5,050Lila At the Beach$5,050
Helm Racing Stable, Roadrunner Racing, West Coast Stables, LLC and Strauss, Will30000%0$5,020Dr. Soulfire$5,020
Fritts, Marie J. and Seymour, Lauri30000%0$5,020Myfavoritedaughter$5,020
Buckendorf, Larry S., Gans, Doug, Jackson, Dale K., Jacobs, Gary, Katz, Larry M.10100%0$5,000Montana$5,000
Flory, Mike and Zermeno, Uryan10100%0$5,000Patron d'Oro$5,000
Gary Finder10100%0$5,000Big Buzz$5,000
Hopeless Stables and Little Red Feather Racing30000%0$5,000Criticism$5,000
Newfield Farm and Johnson, Peter O.30000%0$5,000Silent Heat$5,000
Old Bones Racing Stable, LLC, Avis, Ashley and Winters, Ed10100%0$5,000L'Enfant Dit$5,000
Westside Racing Stable, Leatherman, Ty and O'Neill, Doug F.10100%0$5,000Syntactic$5,000
Edgar Pulido40110%0$5,000My Dominator$5,000
All Schlaich Stables LLC, Blanchard, Robert, Hollendorfer, Janet and Todaro, Geo20100%0$4,950One Summer Day$4,950
Kristine Chandler30000%0$4,900Shot of Courage$4,900
Ernie Meza50110%0$4,890Walking Boss$4,890
Sally P. Rivera210050%0$4,800San Jac$4,800
All Schlaich Stables LLC, Gatto Racing LLC, Sebold Racing LLC, Martin, James J.,10010%0$4,800Giovinazzo$4,800
Peerenboom Racing Stables LLC10100%0$4,800On Purpose$4,800
Desert Sun Stables and John W. Sadler Racing, Inc.10010%0$4,800Quaria Thunder$4,800
Jennifer M. Saavedra30010%0$4,760Roman Empress$4,760
Alexander J. Spasiano50000%0$4,740Kimmer$4,740
Clay William Robinson10010%0$4,680Lemon Sushi$4,680
Funbelly Stables, LLC10010%0$4,680Classic Creation$4,680
Lucas Downs, Ltd.20010%0$4,680What a Dude$4,680
J. Roque Orta210050%0$4,660Rocky Champs$4,660
Rockingham Ranch and Supreme Racing20000%0$4,640Lincoln Hawk (IRE)$4,640
Cutter Nehf Racing Stable, LLC20000%0$4,640Customer List (FR)$4,640
Anderson, Charles T., Rich, Eddie L. and Spicer, James30010%0$4,623Our Bold Prince$4,623
Stephen R. Campbell50110%0$4,610R Heart of Gold$4,610
Cesar De Alba10100%0$4,600Logon to Win$4,600
Rosemary Trela10100%0$4,600Vella$4,600
Guernsey, Jade H. and Osborne, Candice J.10010%0$4,560Belmont Bill$4,560
Luigi Di Pietro30010%0$4,095Bravo Ragazzo$4,545
Chacon, Anthony J., Knapp, Steve R., Lovingier, Terry C. and Moroney, John20000%0$4,520Cocktail Cutie$4,520
Columbine Stable LLC.20000%0$4,520Better Than Gold$4,520
Delgado, Nicholas, Hart, Keith R., Pober, Lloyd and Treece, Charles S.40010%0$4,500Afternoon Heat$4,500
Christian O. Araiza1100100%0$4,455Longhorn Lassie$4,455
Aggie Ordonez10010%0$4,440Zafiro Anejo$4,440
Jerome S. Moss Trust and Moss, Tina10010%0$4,440Palagio$4,440
Milt Policzer10010%0$4,440Pratchett$4,440
Gangemi, Jarrod A., Osborne, Candice J., Saavedra, Cassie and Saavedra, Nicholas10010%0$4,440Ryder's Candy$4,440
Panzer Sein, LLC, De Maio, Antonio R., Kitaen, Jordan, McNamara, Margaret J., Ri10010%0$4,440Gorilla Boy$4,440
Jerry McClanahan10010%0$4,440Candy for Carmel$4,440
Mean Girls Racing Stable (Tipton) and Fernandez, Robert50010%0$3,530Wine and Whisky$4,430
La Bahia Stud, Inc.20000%0$4,400Golden Skyline$4,400
Pais, Alfred and Taix, Suzanne20000%0$4,400Club Teaser$4,400
D. Wayne Baker40110%0$4,400Love of the Sport$4,400
Porter, Glenn G., Youra, Ron and Youra, Rosalie Jean30020%0$4,391A Dime for Me$4,391
Maravilla, Jorge and Millan, Paris40110%0$4,380Hot Journey$4,380
Rand, Courtney and Rand, Ron20010%0$4,368Callhercontessa$4,368
Joel A. Gonzalez40110%0$4,360Gordy's Boy$4,360
Ilium Stables, LLC30010%0$4,330Tianma$4,330
4004 Biscayne LLC, Buckendorf, Larry S., Harringer, Tyler, Medina, David and Sch20000%0$4,320Zimba Warrior$4,320
Sweeney Racing LLC30000%0$4,320A Crown for Kitten$4,320
Swanson, Steve E. and Swanson, Christine E.50010%0$3,420Bid On the Prize$4,320
Eddie S. Zennedjian1100100%0$4,310Prince Graygray$4,310
Mean Girls Racing Stable (Tipton)30110%0$2,990Dramatizer$4,310
Meister, Richard, Orsi, Bernardo and Schmitt, George F.30000%0$3,510Booming Bernardo$4,290
ITA Thoroughbreds30110%0$4,250Rancho Red$4,250
RG Racing Stables30000%0$4,180Single Track Mind (IRE)$4,180
Jorge Zeledon20200%0$4,160Nene Romano$4,160
Baker, D. Wayne, Porlaris, Reynaldo, and Santoro, Michele1100100%0$4,150Teagans Atm$4,150
MyRacehorse and Agnew, Dan J.10000%0$4,140Hero Status$4,140
Aldrich III, Frank C., Aldrich, MarySue, Ryan, Miyadi, Steven and Joseph, Ryan M20010%0$4,060Getemdusty$4,060
Patrick LePley30110%0$2,550Reserve Proof$4,050
Packsaddle Road LLC and Baker, D. Wayne50020%0$4,050Silver Flirt$4,050
Fritz Brothers Racing, LLC, Old Bones Racing Stable, LLC and Strauss, William10000%0$4,020Will Be$4,020
Madaket Stables LLC, Dubb, Michael, LaPenta, Robert V. and Strauss, William30000%0$4,020Ketonia (FR)$4,020
Akin, Zvika, Richter, Joan Marie, Rodda, Rulon and Sherman, Steve30110%0$4,010Buenisimo$4,010
Sunny Brook Stables, LLC10000%0$4,000Mr Fisk$4,000
La Penita Racing Stable, Donsife, Rebecca and Endow, Robert10000%0$4,000R Sweet Candy$4,000
Gamaliel Arriaga30120%0$2,100Around the Dial$3,970
Hoof Pick Racing Partners, LLC, Packsaddle Road LLC, Baker, D. Wayne, Bergounous20010%0$3,960Monsieur$3,960
Browne Cattle Co. and Perrone, Donna L.30110%0$3,950Extreme Blaze$3,950
Gutierrez, Matthew, Hanna, Mark A., Hanna, Maria and Martin, Ralph20100%0$3,950Momma Mocca$3,950
Calvario, Samuel and DeLaTorre, Pedro Cruz30110%0$3,950Count Asher$3,950
Patrick Maciariello10000%0$3,900Tiny Prancer$3,900
Bridlewood Farm, Eclipse Thoroughbred Partners and Barber, Gary10000%0$3,900Speed Shopper$3,900
Gabriela Becerra Carlos20100%0$3,900Pondergating$3,900
Eclipse Thoroughbred Partners and Walmac Farm LLC10000%0$3,900Series$3,900
Slam Dunk Racing and McClanahan, Jerry10000%0$3,900The Old Nine (IRE)$3,900
Capehart, Thomas R., Hollendorfer, Janet and Todaro, George10000%0$3,900Mo Pearls Please$3,900
Moises Garcia30020%0$3,900Keepyourpranceon$3,900
Steve Swanson50010%0$3,900Danz Till Ten$3,900
Stonehaven Steading, LLC, Talla Racing LLC, West Point Thoroughbreds, Woodford R10000%0$3,900Metro$3,900
Efren Morfin30200%0$3,885Lampy$3,885
Eric Kenneally40010%0$3,810Bourbon Glaze$3,810
W. Quinn Chin50000%0$2,300Corporal Violette (IRE)$3,800
Fihn Holdings, Inc.20010%0$3,800Sherlyn Go Go$3,800
Stanley L. Spano40100%0$3,795Gianola$3,795
Gloria Haley80000%0$1,530Tigerize$3,780
Lidovina Wilson40020%0$3,750Magicisthemoonlite$3,750
Guillermo Preciado60010%0$3,750My Sunshine$3,750
Glenn Sorgenstein WC Racing Inc., Wonderland Racing Stables LLC, and Cahill, Jam10010%0$3,720Topolina$3,720
Davis Racing LLC, Giordano, Louis A. and Moore, Jeffrey D.10010%0$3,720Johnny Drama$3,720
Patrick Gallagher40000%0$2,700Solo Solataire (IRE)$3,700
Marshall, Dave M. and Myers, Greg20110%0$3,680Hersabiggirl$3,680
Hanna, Mark A., Hanna, Maria, Page, Scott, Page, Cecilia, Tootle, Herbert, Tootl10010%0$3,666Breve$3,666
LeucadiaLand Stables, LLC40020%0$3,660Reef City$3,660
Fredrickson, Craig and McPhee, Nancy J.40100%0$3,650Harbor Outlaw$3,650
Emilio Quinonez30100%0$3,140Facts Matter$3,640
Cashline Racing Stables, Inc.10010%0$3,600Con Seal and Kerry$3,600
Browne Cattle Co.30020%0$3,570Blaze of Dreams$3,570
Eric Berman20200%0$3,560Blackjack and Beer$3,560
Dore, Timothy and Moewes, Denice20000%0$3,560Thompson$3,560
Strohmaier Racing, Brady, Gary, Mathis, Andy, Panian, Len and Rubinfeld, Nathan10010%0$3,510Nothing Is Forever$3,510
Moger Inc., S Tsujimoto, LLC, Burke, Daniel, Estrada, Aldo and Pimentel, Paul30100%0$3,500Lifesbeengoodtome$3,500
Orsi, Bernardo and Schmitt, George F.50010%0$2,850Gentle Julia$3,480
Killa 1 Racing Stable70000%0$1,500Tahoe Secrets$3,450
Kline, Carolyn, Kline, William and Stevens, Satchell30000%0$3,400Awesome Taylor$3,400
Paradox Stable40100%0$3,350Good Focus$3,350
Sarah Jennings50000%0$3,330Graceful Mischief$3,330
Branch, William, Catone, Richard and Mathis, Andy10100%0$3,300The Great Haynes$3,300
Cobra Racing LLC, and Sherman, Steve10100%0$3,300Rose of Jericho$3,300
Janavar Thoroughbreds LLC40000%0$2,800Hard Mission$3,300
Kelly, Sarah and Strauss, William20010%0$3,260Hot Lava Cake$3,260
De Seroux, Laura and Naify, Marsha30000%0$1,840Havana Angel (IRE)$3,180
Brett Mason30010%0$1,800Bettor Bet'r$3,150
Hopper, Catherine E. and Hopper, David40010%0$3,150Winter Soldier$3,150
Redux Racing and Knowles, John30100%0$3,080Ima Keen Ice$3,080
Robert C. Davis50010%0$2,160Vinniebob$3,060
Greiner, Renee, Meza, Elsie, and Meza, Ernie50010%0$3,060Smoove as Silk$3,060
Edwards, Roberta, Morrow, Nina and Watchorn, Ron20010%0$3,060Raucous Tizzy$3,060
Michael Shand30000%0$3,040Papa Tiger$3,040
50960000%0$2,130Lovely Josephine$3,030
R.E.V. Racing, LLC and Lucarelli Racing Corp30100%0$2,100Well Imagine That$3,000
M. A. Schiavello10010%0$3,000Mynumerouno (AUS)$3,000
Matson Racing and Todaro, George10010%0$3,000Seattle Breakout$3,000
Antonio C. Garcia30000%0$2,930Plum Creek$2,930
Manuela Franco Sosa30100%0$2,900Jerry Jeff Walker$2,900
Marina Cruz30100%0$2,450Brannigan$2,900
Michael W. Bean20010%0$2,880America Great$2,880
ERJ Racing, LLC, Pappas Horse Racing Corp and Starry Night Racing10000%0$2,880Alternate Rock$2,880
Danny A. Eplin30010%0$1,980Downburst$2,880
Cady, Todd, Leatherman, Ty, and Rothblum, Steve10010%0$2,880Top of My Game$2,880
Cannon, Robert T., Goodwin, Kelley, Goodwin, Timothy Wayne, Kasinak, Bonnie, Kas30000%0$2,860T One D Flour Free$2,860
Victory Rose Thoroughbreds, Inc., Martin, Jerry R. and Martin, Margaret M.40010%0$2,850Rivermark$2,850
Old Bones Racing Stable, LLC, Carter, Michael P., Jacobsen, Gordon and Owen, Jef20000%0$2,840Paulliac (IRE)$2,840
McLean, Bill and Planchon, Doug40010%0$2,820Nice Encounter$2,820
Horseplayers Racing Club and McCanna, Tim40010%0$2,805Smilingatthemoon$2,805
Cady, Todd, Leatherman, Ty and Mealer, Elliott W.20000%0$2,780Toledo Rocket$2,780
Michael E. Pegram10010%0$2,760Luther Pass$2,760
Belico Racing LLC and Mojarro Racing, LLC20100%0$2,760Sir Flatter$2,760
Richard D. Hall20100%0$2,300I'm Gonna Shine$2,750
Isidro Tamayo20100%0$2,750Jim's Jet$2,750
Maslow, Michele and Maslow, Robert20000%0$2,720Baldoro$2,720
Brewer Racing Stable, Firsthome Thoroughbreds and Seery, Richard20000%0$2,720Brutto$2,720
Frances Jefferson60000%0$1,800Gross Profit$2,700
Harris Farms, Inc. and Little Red Feather Racing20100%0$2,690Rutherford$2,690
David A. Bernsen, LLC and Weijland Holdings LLC30000%0$2,680Time to Party$2,680
Sergio Morfin40000%0$1,840Shanghai Sunrise$2,640
Ronald L. Charles30000%0$2,620Sunglasses (GB)$2,620
Sayjay Racing LLC30000%0$1,380Castle Leoch$2,620
Dave M. Marshall40010%0$2,610Leedsthesky$2,610
Strand Beach, LLC and D'Amato, Philip20000%0$2,600Wishes to Riches$2,600
Cedros, Next Wave Racing LLC, Bacharach, Jane, O'Neill, Daniel and Schatz, Richa20000%0$2,600Den of Iniquity (GB)$2,600
McCanna, Tim and Jan30010%0$2,580Brother o' Brien$2,580
Ciaglia Racing LLC30010%0$2,550Stephanie's Candy$2,550
Hans Hansen30020%0$2,515Rainbows On Ice$2,515
Thomas L. Nichols10000%0$2,500Mirinda$2,500
Silvia Soto20020%0$1,260Smarty Nose$2,490
Robert J. Lucas30100%0$1,665Betito$2,465
Aldrich III, Frank C., Aldrich, MarySue and Miyadi, Steven20100%0$2,450Cat Bandit$2,450
Robert M. Jones30000%0$2,450Confucius$2,450
Dan Warden30000%0$2,450Bourbon Dancer$2,450
Eplin, Danny A., Preiss, Daniel and Spencer, Arthur20010%0$2,430Classy City$2,430
Carlos, Maria and Gomori, Mercedes50000%0$2,430Miss Peru$2,430
Darwin Balthazar40010%0$2,400Girth$2,400
Barton, Richard and Penner, Kate10100%0$2,400Ridin'thestormout$2,400
Cady, Todd, Cerin, Tyler and Fritts, Marie J.10000%0$2,400Man Friday$2,400
Knapp, Steve R. and Ortega, Charles30000%0$2,380Play Chicken$2,380
Bran Jam Stable and Ciaglia Racing LLC30000%0$2,380She's Got a Way$2,380
Peter Milburn20000%0$1,380Settecento$2,370
Gary L. Jackson30000%0$2,370She's So Shiny$2,370
TC Racing30010%0$2,340Tex Hanley$2,340
Strohmaier Racing, Begley, Paul, Mathis, Andy, Panian, Len and Rubinfeld, Nathan40000%0$2,340Princess Belle$2,340
Domeyko Taylor LP30000%0$2,340Hattie T$2,340
Lucarelli Racing Corp, Randall and Rossi LLC and Centers, Scott20000%0$2,340Clubhouse Drama$2,340
Joe L. Turner20000%0$1,620Smiling Jojo$2,310
Philip Lebherz30000%0$1,800Pippa Philipa$2,300
Bernal, Eduardo, Harringer, Tyler, Lambert, Jeffrey, Avansino, James and Coffman20000%0$2,300Leopardess (GB)$2,300
Hoof Pick Racing Partners, LLC, Hilvers, Jonathan, Mendenhall, John, Mendenhall,40000%0$2,295The Fuss$2,295
Badilla, Manuel and Tahajian, Brett30010%0$2,280Sugar Beets$2,280
Garcia, Danuario Ramirez and Preciado, Guillermo40000%0$2,250Sheza Queen Bee$2,250
Mitchell, Christopher, Mitchell, Julian, Mitchell, Michelle, Molle, Linda, Perry10000%0$2,220R Awesome Kid$2,220
Sierra Stables, Inc., Muller, Theresia E. and Sherry, Carolyn J.10000%0$2,220Seaboard$2,220
Bamford, Alice and Eysenring, Ann10000%0$2,220Happyasaclam (IRE)$2,220
Auyeung, Nin, Hauck, Cheryl, McLean, Bill, Moran, Elizabeth, Planchon, Doug and30010%0$2,220One Bold Bid$2,220
Doug Kline10000%0$2,220Midnight Fury$2,220
GGG Stables10000%0$2,220Empire's Classic$2,220
Burns Racing LLC, Exline-Border Racing LLC, Hudock, William Dan and Jawl, Michae10000%0$2,220Caribbean King$2,220
Michael Jawl20000%0$2,205Firework$2,205
Warlock Stable and Dougan, Kelly10100%0$2,200Howdoyalikemenow$2,200
Morfin, Sergio and Quintero, Josue20100%0$2,180Aunt Opal$2,180
Fred Montini40000%0$2,160A Rousing Babe$2,160
Thomsen Racing, LLC and Halasz, Thomas E.20000%0$2,140Borntostaythirsty$2,140
Sue M. Gilmour20010%0$1,440Exclusively Noble$2,100
Don Muldoon10100%0$2,100Diplomatic$2,100
Douglass, Gloria A., Groothedde, Lisa M., Groothedde, Rudolf L., Harris, Kirk W.10100%0$2,100Coppertunity$2,100
F. J Volk40000%0$1,500Tiger by the Tail$2,100
Joe Abrahamson10100%0$2,100The Calabrese Kid$2,100
Mad Hansen Racing LLC, Sandlot Racing Stables and Lininger, Paul40000%0$2,040Cardinal Trick$2,040
Eaton, Terri and Gibson, Joe H.40000%0$2,010Draw Near$2,010
Resolute Racing10000%0$2,000Shiloh's Mistress$2,000
Little Red Feather Racing, Madaket Stables LLC and Old Bones Racing Stable, LLC10000%0$2,000Balnikhov (IRE)$2,000
Galloping Bruin Racing10100%0$2,000Jaime's Commitment$2,000
Biggleague Racing, LLC20000%0$2,000Flint Stroll$2,000
Commonwealth Thoroughbreds LLC, Exline-Border Racing LLC, Ocean Reef Racing and10000%0$2,000Kissed by Fire$2,000
Firebird Racing LLC10000%0$2,000Great Forty Eight$2,000
David A. Bernsen, LLC, Rockingham Ranch and Talla Racing LLC10000%0$2,000Hamwood Flier (IRE)$2,000
Jisbender Kooner40000%0$1,500Sinful King$2,000
Bruce Taylor30010%0$1,000Got My Prance On$1,990
Michael Kalil20000%0$1,440Oncoming$1,940
Brian J. Koriner10000%0$1,920Smiling Jojo$1,920
Zepeda Racing, Inc40000%0$1,500Shortman$1,900
Oyarzun, Terri and Taylor, Faith30000%0$1,898Lmlooknformischief$1,898
TKO Stables, Ables, Frank R. and Desimone, Fred10000%0$1,872Evenerevenworse$1,872
Gem, Inc.20000%0$1,860Hiis Reina$1,860
Haynes, Mark, Melder, Kevin, Noyes, Roger, Smith, Michael, Snider, Rhett and Tho30000%0$1,860Mastery Kat$1,860
CJ Thoroughbreds20000%0$1,840Reckless Spirit$1,840
Wells Racing LLC and Wells, Daniel20000%0$1,840Nauvoo$1,840
Guard Hill Racing20000%0$1,840Milagre Do Sol$1,840
Kenneth A. Shaw10100%0$1,820Picahouse$1,820
Jay W. Bligh20000%0$1,800Uncle Reg$1,800
Slugo Racing and Puype, Mike10000%0$1,800Pat's Paddock Pick$1,800
Jones, Robert M., Kasinak, Bonnie, Kasinak, Kenneth C. and Wilson, Hal20000%0$1,800Sparta F. C.$1,800
S.O.K. Racing10000%0$1,800Into It$1,800
Cloonan, Michael P. and Greco, Pat20000%0$1,300Omey Island$1,800
Bogdonoff, Steve, Foran, David and Preiss, Daniel20000%0$1,800Blondzilla$1,800
Blue Sky Training Center and Spasiano, Alexander J.10100%0$1,780Flag Salute$1,780
Jimenez, Luis A. and Araiza, Christian O.10100%0$1,760Longhorn Lassie$1,760
Sierra Stables, Inc.30000%0$1,760My Ransom$1,760
Boyd, Matt and Treece, Charles S.10100%0$1,760Get My Point$1,760
Integrity Thoroughbred Racing, LLC and The Ellwood Johnston Trust10000%0$1,755Mr. Big Heart$1,755
Bernal, Eduardo, Buckendorf, Larry S., Bullard, Charotte A., Harringer, Tyler an10000%0$1,742Book Smart$1,742
Margarito Farias20010%0$1,320Being Blessed$1,720
Raymond L. Salvatore20010%0$1,710Finnley's Kitten$1,710