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New Owner Seminar at Del Mar Well Attended

On Sunday, July 23, 2017, attendees enjoyed expert presentations about the various ways of becoming a racehorse owner. The seminar featured panelists Rollin Baugh, Matt Chew, Jeff Lifson and Elizabeth Morey and was moderated by Todd Schrupp of TVG. Included in the program were segments on buying at auction, claiming a horse, private purchases, and partnerships and syndicates. Following the panel discussion and question/answer session, seminar attendees took barn tours hosted by Matt Chew, Peter Eurton, Richard Mandella and Doug O’Neill.

This event was hosted by TOC, Del Mar Thoroughbred Club and Barretts Equine Sales.

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From left to right: panelists Elizabeth Morey, Matt Chew, Rollin Baugh and Jeff Lifson.
Todd Schrupp, of TVG, during Q&A session.
TOC Board Member and Owner, Joe Ciaglia, giving input on horse ownership.
From left to right: Joe Ciaglia, Larry Zapp and Trainer, Peter Eurton.
Trainer Matt Chew speaking to group.
Trainer Richard Mandella and group enjoying the barn tour.
Touring Doug O’Neill’s barn, given by his assistant, Leandro Mora.